We'll Be Alright

by Nina Violet

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released September 9, 2011



all rights reserved



Nina Violet West Tisbury, Massachusetts

Nina Violet plays music.

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Track Name: All Your Own
petal boat
glass stream
love's eyes
have new gleam
metal boat
blasts steam
those eyes
lost in love's dream
beyond where the wake mends

on your throat
the moonbeam
on arms the shadow filagree
your voice-
the sound
all your own
Track Name: Wake of the Ship
oh in the wake of the ship
I'm hanging on

oh in the wake of the ship
and in the sea's forever tide
and on the rope out of the pit
and in the sky two clouds collide
and in the room no place to sit
and in the head no place to hide

oh in the wake of the ship
I'm hanging on
Track Name: When You're Broken
I say goodbye
anticipating tomorrow
I say goodbye
but I can't get by the dream
I go far away
the whole world reminds me

dreams at night
can be forgotten by the morning
and the daydreams
are always good to pass the time
and the guitar
just another lonesome dream
of mine
I play guitar
huddled by the fireplace
when you're broken
the melodies are sweet
when you're broken
to sing a song can bring you peace
Track Name: Play Loud
the locks have all broken in time
to say it’s time to be leaving

the sun can see over the pine
today is soon to be evening

you play
play loud
and sing
Track Name: Everything Comes Apart
everything comes apart
the finish is the start
o everything comes apart

the body rots, the grass grows green
the circling of nitrogen
the spinning wheel that bears the wool
or bears the water, sun comes up
on pain and love, that makes a dream
that wet web in the morning gleams
o stoke the fire and make it glow
play on play on, the shadow show

but everything comes apart
everything comes apart
the finish is the start
o everything comes apart

this turning face into the wind
this stationary hovering
and looking for a magic fish
to catch it means a granted wish
o I could wish to learn to swim
so I could keep my life of looking
I don’t want this book to end
Release the dogs on sweet pretend

but some things never disappear
some things never disappear
not time, or stones, or forgetting
will make the mirror clear
Track Name: O Peals the Bell
fast feast
no relief
run round
tied down
sad self
on the shelf
jump through
fire, too
time spent
gone, went
last leg
no race
the past ploughs
shadowed face
death’s lost
time’s lace

love die
love lay
young song
cathode ray
flat chair
long there

run round
tied down
cut loose
make use
land with
feet down
give thanks
for soft ground

and o peals the bell
that breaks the spell
that cracks the seed
out of the shell
continues out
in rings and rings
across the plain
it sings and sings
Track Name: Sewing Song
find the end on the spool
and pull and it spins
and thread through the arm
and under the spring
and up round the hook
and down to the dog
and into the catch
and now through the eye

now take hold the wheel
and lift up the foot
put two sides together
and follow the edge
Track Name: Stealing Flowers
what is paradise to you, my child?
singing softly as the dovelings coo
dancing all at once with everything
I forgot this as my body grew

I tried everything to keep it near
ripping seabirds out of winter skies
stealing flowers from the honeybee
lacking beauty that belonged to me

strange dreams

dancing with a strange and brilliant ghost
I could not afford to lose the mask
all the darkness falling fast asleep
something in me had just woken up

the light
the fire
the danger, the danger
the light
Track Name: We'll Be Alright
I’ll hunt down the deer, you hang it to bleed
I’ll cut it apart, you pack it away to keep
I’ll carry the food, you carry the water
we’ll walk for a ways and find a good place to sleep

the planes are only circling for now
we’ll be alright
our legs are only hurting us for now
we’ll be alright

soft leaves for your head, I’ll make you a bed
to rest in
I’ll kick out the rocks, I’ll find you the softest loam
our desperate love, warm breath on our skin
for blankets
the cradle of earth, the kindness of trees
our home

we watch orion fade to dawn above
we’ll be alright
we run and hide and stay alive for love
we’ll be alright
Track Name: Fill the Well Up
she told me a story, the girl on the swing
wing thrumming meadow, heat starts to ring
angles of light when the web starts to glow
and downward I fell, through my mind, down a well

look up to the moon I saw night in a cup
pour starlight down on me and fill the well up
the water upon me, the softest of sounds
I felt myself rising back up to ground

I reached out my fingers to feel for the sand
the smoothest of pebbles, grass, precious strands
my scratches were beaded a brilliant red
and bursting with living
Track Name: Run to the Stream
run to the stream
and cast the shell from off your body
the whole world is the cold upon your skin
and what it is to feel

heartbeat against your shoulder
can you feel it
would it be louder if I was a tragedy?
I’ll sing across the table
sing across the ocean

your eyes, the color of the water
in the channel
my mother told me not to swim in
because it would take me out to sea
I wouldn’t be able to swim back in

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